Thursday, September 14, 2017

Palmetto Tat Days

I had a wonderful time at Palmetto Tat Days. I get so busy having fun and talking with people that I take very few photographs. I did however manage to take a couple of pictures of projects in progress.

 This is the decorative sleeve designed and taught by Phyllis Schmidt of Phyl's handwork. It's an easy pattern, rings and lock chains. My brain was on overload and there were many distractions. Several times I found myself making lock stitch rings. There is no such tatting element as a lock stitch ring. It becomes the ring everyone made as a beginning tatter, where one pesky stitch did not flip (or unflipped itself) and then the ring will not close. Thankfully I was using size 3 thread and the Starlit shuttles I was using had picks on them, so the lock stitch ring was easily retro-tatted.

This is my completed Decorative Sleeve displayed on my water bottle.