Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I'm still around. Time gets away from me at times. I've been doing lots of knitting and tatting, just not photographing much of anything.

This past week a Facebook Friend posted a video of her Cro-Tatting. This is tatting with a long crochet hook. I have tried this in the past, and been frustrated and unsuccessful. I decided to dig out the books and hooks and give it another try.

I think I have finally got the hang of it.
Larger flowers were done with Annie's size 6 hook and Lizbeth size 3 thread.  Smaller flower was done with Annie's size 10 hook and Artiste size 10 thread.

 As you can see I did a lot of practicing. Top left is Lizbeth size 3 using Annie's size 6 hook. Top right is Aunt Lydia size 10 using the Annie's size 6 hook. I think it's a bit loose and floppy.  Bottom left is the same size 10 thread using the Annie's size 10 hook. I think it looks much better. Bottom right is Artiste 10 with the size 10 Cro-tat hook. 
I made a few snowflakes. These are made using the "strings" technique from Rainbow Valley shown here.  Larger flake was made with Red Heart size 3 and Annie's size 6 hook. Smaller flakes were made with the Annie's size 10 hook and an unknown  (probably Aunt Lydia's) size 10 thread. I want to try snowflakes with another ring on the arms.

Why am I determined to conquer this craft? I like the idea of using a continuous thread. I'd love to combine crochet and tatting for a shawl. Hmmm.... I have some Luster Sheen in my yarn stash, I wonder how that cro- tats????