Sunday, August 13, 2017

Betsy Snowflake

This afternoon I helped a Facebook Friend with a snowflake Pattern. The Betsy Snowflake can be found here.  I find it helpful to work the pattern along with the student, so I loaded 2 shuttles with size 10 Lizbeth in my favorite snowflake color Blue Ice.
This shows the center, 5 regular rings and then a split ring.

The split ring is followed by a smaller split ring and then a chain. The pattern did not say, but this join is a lock join. 
This shows the clover on top of the snowflake arm. It is important to switch shuttles before and after the clover.

After  an enjoyable tat and chat, I completed my size 10 snowflake. I immediately loaded shuttles and made another in size 20 Lizbeth thread. A 25 cent coin is shown  for size comparison. 


  1. Lovely snowflakes! One of my favories for snowflakes too.

  2. So pretty. I think the thread is perfect for a snowflake.

  3. Very pretty ! And great demonstration :-)
    I did a similar pictorial for Mark Myers' Luster Snowflake for a fellow tatter.
    It can be a bit challenging for relative beginners ..

  4. Very sweet and attractive snowflake with very helpful suggestions! I like the way the two colors worked out.